CNC motor spindle Traupmann repair

Fast service from the CNC specialist: spindle repair

The spindle (motor spindle) is the central part of the CNC machine. In most cases, a spindle damage means downtime of the entire machine. Orders must wait, and production comes to a standstill.

Traupmann CNC is an experienced long-term partner for the repair of motor spindles of all distributors (Kessler, Weiß etc.).  Regardless of the kind of use and the spindle type, our CNC specialists will deal with all requirements for the spindle’s repair in a fast and professional manner.

Motor spindles – all necessary repairs are carried out by CNC specialists within 4-7 working days, depending on the effort:

  • spindle bearing failure
  • spindle temperature problems
  • defective rotary transmission
  • shorted windings
  • system errors during measurement
  • spanner problems
  • motor problems

SPINDLE HOTLINE: 0043 664 103 31 64

After disassembling and analysing the spindle, experienced CNC specialists inform their customers through the status and failure analysis report about cause of failure and about recommended improvement measures at the machine, together with an itemised quotation.

Traupmann CNC Spindle all-round carefree package:

  • best quality offered by a CNC expert operating throughout Europe
  • all necessary motor spindle repairs provided
  • repair of all brands
  • fast repair time, within 4-7 working days, depending on the effort
  • express service
  • personal support by CNC specialists
  • original spare parts